Innovation Spring Fling - 2016

A deep dive into two 'must have' innovation skills

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4th & 25th November 2016
Two espresso workshops covering two crucial innovation skils
Following on from the wildly successful July 2016 Commercial Innovation Summit Nils Vesk has designed two morning espresso sized workshops on two crucial topics to help you stay on the cutting edge of innovation.
Rapid prototyping
Any business idea can be prototyped
workshop #1.
Innovation Culturing & storytelling
Having the goal for innovation isn't enough we need to have a culture of innovation to allow innovation to happen.

But what exactly is an innovative culture and how do we go about 'culturing' innovation?

workshop #1.
Culturing Innovation and storytelling
Our promise
To give you simple practical ways to build an innovative culture that generates commercial innovation.

The big idea
Culturing and storytelling creates innovative cultures. Cultures can be created, and innovative cultures are no different. Anthropologists, sociologists and behaviourists know that a culture is a result of 'culturing'. We unpack the key ways to begin innovation culturing in your organisation.

Why we know your world
We all know what it feels like when we have a good idea but no one wants to know about, We've been there and it's demoralising. The good news is people can change and with the right mix of 'culturing' people can turn from naysayers to advocates for your innovation.

Consequences if you don't
If we don't work on creating a culture then we find that the toxic 'anti innovation' culture will bring people down, cause people to keep their ideas to themselves and ultimately leave to either start up their own organisation or take it to someone who wants to see innovation flourish. That's why there are so many 'start ups' in the world.

Benefits if you do
When we start to apply innovative 'culturing' to our organisations, ideas start to emerge, people start to collaborate, the energy and output starts to increase and ground breaking innovations start to emerge.

What you'll learn:
 * Essential ingredients to creating and maintaining an innovative culture
 * How to use 'culturing' to build an innovative culture
 * The role story telling plays in innovation and our organisational culture

November 4th 2016 7:30-9:00am
workshop #2.
Rapid prototyping & pitching

Maybe you've heard of the new black of innovation, but do you actually know how to do rapid prototyping or any other prototyping in a way that reduces risk whilst increasing certainty?

This is a must have skill for any professional who want to innovate without harming their career path.

workshop #2.
Rapid prototyping & pitching
Prototyping reduces risk whilst increasing certainty in a simple step by step methodology. We'll show you simple and effective prototyping can be. The big idea Spend a little to learn a lot. Prototyping costs a lot less than you would expect and yet the commercial gains are huge. Anything in business, be it a product, process or new service can be prototyped.

Why we know your world
You've had that big idea but the risk has kept you from trying it, or maybe it's the cost of it. Whichever it is, you've been missing out on innovating this idea because of not understanding the power and process steps of prototyping. I've been there, it's just that after watching other people create 'my idea' that I realised I needed to do something about it by prototyping and I've never looked back.

Consequences if you don't
The reality is someone else will discover your idea if you don't do something with yours. They'll test it, pilot it, prototype it and then when they see the learning's they'll pounce on it and turn it into a commercial reality and you'll be watching from the sidelines wishing you had done what they had.

Benefits if you do
Rapid prototyping will save you money, time and reduce the stress and risk of innovating. You'll learn fast and improve even faster, all whilst having a good time in the process. Most of all you 'see' the fruit of your actions for every prototype that you create.

What you'll learn:
* How to use rapid prototyping for innovation
* How prototyping reduces risk whilst increasing certainty
* How to pitch your ideas

November 25th 2016 7:30-9:00am
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Cost for each workshop $60

Workshop #1. Culturing & storytelling 4th November 2016    7:30am - 9:00am
Workshop #2. Rapid prototyping & pitching 25th November 2016 7:30am - 9:00am

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“Innovation is bandied around organisations on a daily basis but is it really understood? Nils explains innovation and how to achieve it with proactive tools and habits you can develop immediately.” 
Jason Sharp, Coordinator Economic Development, City of Moonee Valley
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